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Small Plates and Cheeses

See cheese list below
Three Cheese Platter of the Day
Selected from our collection of artisan cheeses accompanied by walnuts, crackers and optional honey
Olives & Almonds - locally grown Graber olives & salted Marcona almonds from Spain $7
Pizzas - thin, crispy flatbreads with great toppings:
Soleil - pesto, diced tomatoes and mozzarella $10
Croqu - premium ham, herbs de Provence, and aged emmental cheese $10
Alsacienne - bacon, onions, herbs de Provence, and aged emmental cheese$10
Fromagere - gorgonzola, aged emmental, parmesan, tomato sauce, fried onions, olive oil $10

Chart House selections:
(available after 5 PM Tues - Fri and after 4 PM Sat - Sun & when not raining)
Combination Appetizer Platter
Lightly Fried Calamari, Coconut Crunchy Shrimp and Spinach with Artichoke Dip
Served with dipping sauces and garlic crostini
Calamari & Friends - with lightly fried shrimp and peppers, citrus ginger vinaigrette & marinara. $16
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake Maryland Style
Served with a lemon caper butter sauce
Herb Steamed Artichoke
Steamed with fresh herbs and garlic, served with a lemon basil aioli

Cheese & Charcuterie

Our cheese selection varies weekly, please contact us to confirm availability. Typical weight between 8 - 11 oz. each
Charcuterie (prepared meats such as ham, sausage, pâtés, etc) vary depending on the season and availability.

Cheese Tasting 101 mirrors Wine Tasting: look at the cheese, rub a small piece between your fingers and inhale the aromatics, and then take a small bite, allowing the cheese to coat your entire mouth. Follow immediately with wine allowing for the alchemical transformation of flavors that occurs when a pairing is just right.


Manchego aged - Sheep's Milk - Spain $11.99
Nutty, buttery flavor hard cheese - great with any red wine!
Purple Haze - Goat Cheese with Herbs - CA $11.99
Lavender buds w/ wild fennel harvested fennel pollen. Pairs with light wines.
Humbolt Fog - aged Goat Milk Cheese - CA $10.99
Cypress Grove Chevre - semi-soft. Center layer of vegetable ash & an exterior of ash & white mold; reminiscent of early morning fog.
Mimolette - aged Cow's Mile - France $11.99
Semi-hard. Slightly sweet, nutty flavor and a tang on the finish. Pairs with Reds, desert wine, or Beer.
Shelburn Cheddar Aged 6 mo. - Vermont $9.99
Sharp cheddar aged 6-months made from cow's milk.
MouCo Colorouge - Ft. Collins, CO $10.99
Soft ripened, creamy texture w/ butter undertones from cow's milk. Orange surface layer. Pairs w/ white or fruity, light reds.
Cowgirl Creamery MT. TAM - CA $16.99
Triple Cream organic cow's milk. Silky, buttery pate, rich.
Piave Vecchio - Cow's Milk - Venetor, Italy $10.99
Lattebusche has made this cheese since 1960.  Toasted walnut character of Gruyere and the caramel-like sweetness of an aged Gouda.
Shelburn Cheddar - Aged 4 yrs. - Vermont $10.99
Triple Cream cow's milk. Silky, buttery pate, rich.
Gouda Pittig - Aged 4 yrs. - Cow's Milk - Holland $10.99
Pittig translates to "full-bodied" in English.  Four-year old gouda.
Gouda - Goat's Milk - Holland $11.99
Firm cheese with slightly creamy texture with buttery, nutty flavor with hints of carmel and fruits.
Clawson Dairy Blue Stilton - Cow's Milk - England $11.99
Flavor from mild to sharp as it ages.
Charcuterie selection varies
Salametto Dry Salami - CA $12.99
Saucisson Sec - Dry Sausage - CA $13.99