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Taste Wine Like a Pro

The best way to learn about wine is to taste lots of wine. We've occasionally invited customers to taste new wines brought to us by the trade. We are willing to allow up to two customers to attend such tastings with Roger as he evaluates new wines. Typically this occurs on Tuesday afternoons. You must be a regular Wine Lab customer and you MUST make a reservation to participate. We encourage you to swirl, sniff, and spit (we often taste 30-60 wines in an afternoon.)  You will be asked for your critical opinion.  Do not wear any perfume or cologne (this is good advice for whenever you go wine tasting.) EMAIL roger@winelabnewport.com if you want to make a reservation to expand your palate and taste like a pro. There is no charge. We reserve the right to refuse any request as it is not possible to host guests at every tasting session.

Charity Fundraisers ... Use Wine Lab for Your Next Event

We want to give back to our community and friends. We offer to charitable organizations, foundations, and schools the opportunity to use the Wine Lab to raise funds for your cause.  Because of the numerous requests for contributions and donations that we receive, we have created an enjoyable and turnkey program for your organization. Click here to download a printable pdf and find out more.

Bring in your Corks!

ReCork America
Natural Cork is a perfect choice for recycling. It’s 100% natural, biodegradable and renewable. There is no reason natural wine corks should end up as landfill when recycled cork can become flooring tiles, building insulation, automotive gaskets, craft materials, soil conditioner and sports equipment. ReCORK America has instituted a pilot program in California and the Pacific North West to recycle natural cork wine closures.  It should be emphasized that only natural cork is being accepted. No plastic or metal closures please. Bring them to the Lab and we will get them recycled!

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